Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sweet Potato Gnocchi Sauce Recipe

Sweet Potato Gnocchi Sauce Recipe

Today I propose a recipe that is close to my heart : the recipe for potato gnocchi.

One of the many delicious recipes that my grandmother prepared, she called them : - or - strangulaprievt strangolapreti or Strozzapreti.

My grandmother, preparing the gnocchi with meat sauce twice a week, and do not run away from them either on Thursday or Sunday. I remember when I was cooking was always our beautiful porzioncina - pound :) - and it was always a pleasure to taste them and rediscover the same flavor, that flavor that never disappoints!

How to grandmothers!

Legend has it that a Neapolitan priest gourmet and hungry, he ate so quickly and in such abundance that they even stand a plate of dumplings smothered. From here the strange but distinctive appellation that Neapolitans give this ancient preparation.

What is certain is that, with the advent of the sauce ;), Strozzapreti were elevated to the rank of delicacy and with the potato then we have gained in softness and lightness so that surely now that priest did not remain more - strangled. - : D

  • 600 g of potatoes
  • 300/350 g of flour
  • salt
  • 1/2 egg

1. Boil the potatoes and when they are thoroughly cooked, peel and mash the potato masher, or mash well with a fork, and grind into a smooth cream.

2. Immediately after you make a ball to which you will absorb the flour - the amount of flour depends in general on the quality of potatoes: the dose is given, then-indicative, egg and salt in order to have a smooth paste and rather soft.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi Sauce Recipe

Sweet Potato Gnocchi Sauce Recipe

3. Take a piece at a time and helping with the meal, consisting of cylinders, and cut into pieces 2 cm long, more or less.
Sweet Potato Gnocchi Sauce Recipe
4. With a floured fork or your finger, press each piece by rolling it on itself-this is called "draw." -
Sweet Potato Gnocchi Sauce Recipe
5. Arrange the dumplings, as they make them in a single layer on a cloth sprinkled with farina.In a pot, boil salted water and cook the dumplings over high heat, until they come to the surface. Drain and serve with tomato sauce.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Brioche French Toast Recipe - Bread Recipe

Brioche French Toast Recipe - Bread Recipe
Hello World,

today I want to tell you about this recipe in my opinion a must try: La Brioche, is written with a capital just as it is one of the best I've ever done - and the result is even more satisfying since I have used the yeast. -

Continue my experiment diet workout, but at the weekend I can allow myself some luxury, so the preparations began Friday on the eve of the "weekend" and lasted until Sunday morning when I fired.

- Everything has its time, and look, in fact, I look impaziente. -E will not tell you the joy once out of the oven, I immediately thought: - First of all I need to mangiarla. - No one can do something good on an empty stomach! ;)

And so after having photographed, I sat at the table, where I had set for the three of us, and while I ate, and I felt the full flavor, sniffed the air and I could breathe in the scent, I was listening to my family, who spoke and laughed.

I realized that sitting in that warm, and yet not too full kitchen, I feel deeply HAPPY.

The recipe is Hadrian's blog Scent of yeast, with him is always a guarantee, I have given the freedom to make two changes: I used sourdough starter instead of the normal one, and Adrian told me that I needed the 30 % relative to the weight of the flour, refreshed 3 times, and I used rum instead of limoncello.

End result ?

A Brioche FANTASTIC! A softness and aroma mm..:) To be repeated for the next weekend ;)

See you soon.

700 g flour 00
175 g whole milk
210 g whole eggs cold
110 g sugar
210 g butter
210 g sourdough starter (refreshed 3 times)
12 g salt

Grated zest of 1 unwaxed lemon (matured into a bit' of melted butter,

subtracted from the recipe or pureed with sugar)
1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon of acacia honey
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2-3 tablespoons of rum ice

1. Dissolve yeast and one teaspoon of honey in the warmed milk and mix the flour it takes to get a creamy mixture.
Brioche French Toast Recipe - Bread Recipe

2. After an hour or less-in my case, since I have used the lm (must be well inflated) - together the egg whites slightly fitted with the whisk, start the car, I used a bread machine, and pour out so much flour than it used to

Stringing, avoiding overly dry the mixture.
Brioche French Toast Recipe - Bread Recipe

3. Add two egg yolks at a time, followed by a bit of sugar and dusting of flour, waiting to resume the dough rope before the next insertion. And with the last egg yolks also included salt. Each pair of inserts, flip the dough in the bowl.

Brioche French Toast Recipe - Bread Recipe

Ecco il risultato ;)

Brioche French Toast Recipe - Bread Recipe

Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine Ideas With LOVE COOKIES Recipes

Hello everyone!

I'm back here after a very boring influence that I was knocked out, now it is much better and you start to mess around and create (to be honest I never stopped completely but without strength and without appetite is not easy!)
And, in any case, between influence and commitments to know that I miss you / i so much! :)

Valentine's Day is approaching, let's say you are for the Love celebrated every day... But what better time for a sweet in addition, a themed cake, a little attention made ​​with the heart ? (also celebrating because it's my name day :D)

Here then is my Love cookies, shortbread cookies covered in vanilla sugar paste.
A thought for anyone who is in your heart <3

Valentine Ideas With LOVE COOKIES Recipes

Valentine Ideas With LOVE COOKIES Recipes


For about 25 hearts depending on the size


500 g flour 00
250 g of butter into small pieces at room temperature
200 g caster sugar Zephyr Eridania
1 egg yolk
1 egg
half a cup of whole milk cold
the seeds of a vanilla bean Bourbon (or lemon peel, orange flavoring to taste)
a pinch of salt

In a planetary (you can also knead by hand) place the flour in the center with sugar, egg yolk and the egg, butter, milk, salt, vanilla (or flavor you choose) and quickly knead until to be compact and absorb everything well.
Form a loaf and wrap in plastic wrap.
Let rest in refrigerator for at least a couple of hours.

After resting roll out the dough to 3/ 4 mm with a rolling pin and create coppando hearts with a heart-shaped cookie cutters.
Transferred via the cookies on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper well spaced.
Bake at 170 ° C for 10 /12 minutes (must be clear enough). Allow to cool.

To cover with sugar paste :

Spread the sugar paste of the chosen color and coppare with the cutters in the shape of a heart.
Sprinkle the cookies with icing sugar and lightly brush the back of the sugar paste with a slightly wet brush. Press firmly but gently on the cookie to adhere.

Decorate with royal icing or other sugar paste.
In this case, I recorded a sentence with the help of a special mold.
Valentine Ideas With LOVE COOKIES Recipes

Valentine Ideas With LOVE COOKIES Recipes