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Brioche French Toast Recipe - Bread Recipe

Brioche French Toast Recipe - Bread Recipe
Hello World,

today I want to tell you about this recipe in my opinion a must try: La Brioche, is written with a capital just as it is one of the best I've ever done - and the result is even more satisfying since I have used the yeast. -

Continue my experiment diet workout, but at the weekend I can allow myself some luxury, so the preparations began Friday on the eve of the "weekend" and lasted until Sunday morning when I fired.

- Everything has its time, and look, in fact, I look impaziente. -E will not tell you the joy once out of the oven, I immediately thought: - First of all I need to mangiarla. - No one can do something good on an empty stomach! ;)

And so after having photographed, I sat at the table, where I had set for the three of us, and while I ate, and I felt the full flavor, sniffed the air and I could breathe in the scent, I was listening to my family, who spoke and laughed.

I realized that sitting in that warm, and yet not too full kitchen, I feel deeply HAPPY.

The recipe is Hadrian's blog Scent of yeast, with him is always a guarantee, I have given the freedom to make two changes: I used sourdough starter instead of the normal one, and Adrian told me that I needed the 30 % relative to the weight of the flour, refreshed 3 times, and I used rum instead of limoncello.

End result ?

A Brioche FANTASTIC! A softness and aroma mm..:) To be repeated for the next weekend ;)

See you soon.

700 g flour 00
175 g whole milk
210 g whole eggs cold
110 g sugar
210 g butter
210 g sourdough starter (refreshed 3 times)
12 g salt

Grated zest of 1 unwaxed lemon (matured into a bit' of melted butter,

subtracted from the recipe or pureed with sugar)
1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon of acacia honey
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2-3 tablespoons of rum ice

1. Dissolve yeast and one teaspoon of honey in the warmed milk and mix the flour it takes to get a creamy mixture.
Brioche French Toast Recipe - Bread Recipe

2. After an hour or less-in my case, since I have used the lm (must be well inflated) - together the egg whites slightly fitted with the whisk, start the car, I used a bread machine, and pour out so much flour than it used to

Stringing, avoiding overly dry the mixture.
Brioche French Toast Recipe - Bread Recipe

3. Add two egg yolks at a time, followed by a bit of sugar and dusting of flour, waiting to resume the dough rope before the next insertion. And with the last egg yolks also included salt. Each pair of inserts, flip the dough in the bowl.

Brioche French Toast Recipe - Bread Recipe

Ecco il risultato ;)

Brioche French Toast Recipe - Bread Recipe

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