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Pasta And Potatoes Recipes

Pasta Sweet Potatoes Recipes
Today I want to present the recipe for pasta and potatoes, a traditional dish of Italian cuisine and a traditional Neapolitan cuisine.

In different regions of Italy, pasta and potatoes served soupy. Instead, as we say in Naples, pasta and potatoes to be good must be "apt", that must be dense and dry.

For ensuring the success of the recipe are of fundamental importance the type of pasta - I prefer tubettoni or mixed pasta - and of course potatoes. The potatoes are definitely the best ones yellow flesh, and if your recipe for pasta and potatoes you have the opportunity to use the harvested potatoes from your garden goodness and satisfaction in preparing it will be even greater.

Pasta Sweet Potatoes Recipes

Here's how to prepare our pasta and potatoes.

Ingredients for 4 people
Ingredients for pasta and potatoes
  • 300 g of pasta or mixed type tubes - my preferita600 g potatoes
  • 1/2 onion
  • celery
  • 150 g of tomato puree

a few basil leaves
  • 1,5 l water
  • salt
  • oil

  • Preparation: 10 m
  • Cooking time: 30 m
  • total: 40 m


How do you prepare the pasta and potatoes

Wash, peel and cut the potatoes into cubes large enough.

1. Chop the onion and celery stalk and sauté with oil.
Pasta Sweet Potatoes Recipes
2. Add the tomatoes and cook for five minutes.
Pasta Sweet Potatoes Recipes
3. Put the potatoes in the pot and let them cook for a few minutes, stirring.
Pasta Sweet Potatoes Recipes
4. Cover with water, add salt and cook over moderate heat for about 30 minutes with the lid.
Pasta Sweet Potatoes Recipes
5. Dropped the pasta and cook for the cooking time.

- My advice-know with exactness how much water is necesseria to obtain a dense and dry pasta and potatoes is difficult.

So rather than fill the water pan with potatoes, I recommend you protect yourself in a saucepan of boiling water to be added as and when required.

6. When cooked, let rest in the pan off the heat for about ten minutes and serve nice and steaming hot!
Pasta Sweet Potatoes Recipes

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